Champion Bred Labrador Retrievers

Meadow Lake Kennel
We have been breeding and hunting labs for over 15 years…like most we started out with a lesser breed of duck dogs…after years of spending our time and money we soon realized we needed better bred dogs if we were to continue to breed, hunt and offer quality pups for sale…we began our search by attending hunts and watching other owners and breeders compete knowing to own quality dogs we were going to invest a substantial amount of money…our investment of money and time has paid off…not only do we have and hunt quality first class labs we have a few to offer for sale from time to time…the old adage comes into play when you purchase anything…”you get what you pay for”…we learned about this old adage first hand..not only do we have excellent duck dogs but dogs that can compete at a high level against any and all competition…we give a 27 month guarantee on all of our pups knowing these pups are not only quality bred but bred from outstanding blood lines…you can buy less but you cannot buy better…




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